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How to Capitalize on Disruption Economy

Hong Kong is facing the same circumstances that led to 1997 Financial Crisis. Innovative online trading methods come to the rescue.

Twenty years after the Asian financial crisis that wiped more than two thirds off prices, Hong Kong is about to face another major financial crisis. Prices are at all-time highs and mortgage borrowing is flourishing. The record high demand for new flats and you get the same components that blew up the economy in 1997.


While the de-facto central bank of Hong Kong is taking measures to minimize risk of another recession, the big banks are shaking in their boots, fearing the biggest Disruption in their history. They know very well that same way Uber took over taxi drivers and AirBnb changed travelling forever, online trading is steadily replacing traditional investments and exceeds $5 trillion a day.

There is no doubt about it, online trading is democratizing investment and capitalizing opportunities by making it available to everyone. For too many years the rich and powerful had exclusive access to online financial trades, not any more. To make that kind of profits all you need is a mobile phone and an innovative app to run your trades.

The coming weeks and months will create new opportunities for online traders:

  • Real Estate Bubble - Housing prices in Hong Kong have been going up too high for too long.
  • Trump Presidency - The chaotic Trump administration is a disruptive force by itself that creates opportunities in online trading and other investment methods.
  • China Slump - The Chinese economy is showing signs of slowing down, forcing new channels of trades and investment.

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